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Appreciative Learning and Development Management (ALDM) is a learning and development organization founded on positive principles, methodologies and experiences to support human being to find and create a strength based and common good society, organizations and individuals. Established in June 2008, it believes that positive inquiry, common good values and human friendly spiritual cores are the bases of social innovations, integrity, co-existence, and holistic development of human being. ALDM has several experiences and expertise in Appreciative Inquiry, Appreciative Leadership and Development Visioning, Conflict Transformation and Peace Building, Spiritual Wisdom, Training, Workshop and Conference Design and Delivery, Research, Book Publication, Participatory Planning and Development, Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Human Value Based Education and Human Resource Management.

ALDM has earned a fabulous working experience by being one of the associate partners of the 4th World Appreciative Inquiry Conference held at Soaltee Hotel, Kathmandu, dated 16-19 November 2009. Four hundred participants from 44 countries attended this world conference. Around 100 participants were from United States. Participation from Canada, Australia, South Africa, India, and Belgium and from the organizing country Nepal were significant. This has also participated and presented a paper in the 5th World AI Conference held at Ghent, Belgium during 25-28 April 2012. Please find this 5th AI conference report in the link. See the photograph of both of the conferences below and in the photo stream.


ALDM's vision is to inspire every human being of the planet to utilize their 'full potential' and 'life-giving forces' and connect them to transform the society in an equitable, peaceful and prosperous manner where everyone can engage and share their values, hopes and aspirations with respect and dignity.


ALDM's mission is to create and foster a positive movement for the holistic development of human being by enabling individual, family, community and organization to discover, dream, design and deliver their aspirations, strengths, positive cores, spiritual wisdom and global good values with commitments and integrity.


The common good core values of ALDM are:

Love, Peace, Truth, Wisdom, Integrity, Justice, Co-existence, Service, Devotion, and Contentment are the ten universal values of ALDM for the global good of the humanity.

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