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Appreciative to Generative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry is Generative, so is Transformative

"Appreciative Inquiry is a thought provoking positive science for the search of best in development, business, education and spiritual sector. It is characterized by generative, constructive and transformative principles, theories and practices". Chapagain 2012

A Logical Flow of the Positive Thought for Social Transformation:

The above figure depicts that positive thought/idea is the bedrock of development, education, business, capacity building, and ultimately institutional change within which people or organizations can attain their vision.

Appreciative inquiry is induced by positive forces, it is thought provoking, mind blowing and generative rather than just appreciative. The characteristics held by AI approach exhibits that it is progressively changing and advancing by amalgamating with many positive cores of other positive and spiritual sciences for personal transformation and world renewal.

Appreciation is a principal character of positivity and both appreciation and positivity contributes to induce generative power. Positivity and generative power are somewhat complementary to each other.  The positive process thrilling  from appreciative to positive,  positive to appreciative and positive to generative will be reiterating. If we desire just appreciative out of positivity, the transformational process will be questioned.  It is generative and somewhat positively critical to create ripple effects to transform the human system and social structure.

Positive versus Negative Thinking

No one is completely positive and completely negative in the world. Some are highly positive, some are highly negative, some are balanced and some are neutral. It is natural for people to become panicked and unhappy when they lose faith, love, wealth and dearer ones. They can be angry for the right reason, with right person, with right degree, at right time, for the right purpose to get right result. Without observing the darkness, the value of the day will be unknown. The taste of sour supports to ratify the taste of sweets. Negative emotions alert positive emotions. Once we know the negativity, we should sharply take a side to invest and spark the positivity further. We should drive ourselves largely to build positive learning, education, attitude and behaviour. Positive thinking has decisive value in changing the self and the society.

New Principles and Theories

Initially, there were five basic principles of AI while Prof. David Cooperrider and Prof. Suresh Shrivastava came up with the first AI dissertation in 1986. Later it was evolved into eight and more recently there are 15 core principles of AI. ALDM has added three new principles and one theory based on its innovations and experiences.  Theory of Human Capacity Building and the three additional principles as Spiritual Inquiry, Ripple Effect (P=TR2) and Creativity are the new addition of ALDM). Please see the details in the book "Appreciative Inquiry to Spiritual Wisdom".

Appreciative Inquiry approach is primarily based on social constructionism, creativity and generative principles and theories. Thus, it provokes human thinking, creativity and generates new ideas, approach, knowledge, skills and understanding. Social construction, creativity and generative principles are interdependent to each other. These are the continuous source of creativity and new generation.

When we go through the expanding experience of positive discourse comprising development, leadership, planning, education, business, holistic health, peace building, stress management, motivation, environmental conservation and the world conferences from Florida to Nepal and Belgium as well as going through different tool and techniques of it- it shows that AI will not always remain as AI, it will move towards new innovations induced by its constructive and generative principles without losing its originality of the very base.

"Things go great when objective appreciation is present."

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