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Some new things by ALDM are:

Understanding of development foundation is necessary to every development worker to internalize development reality and contribute further in the process.

Supposition: The more we are aware of our internal and social values, the more we are capable to grow and develop ourselves and our society.

1. Development Foundation of East and West

Internal, external, national and international factors profoundly affect the development process in every country. The logic provides the broader perspective to development by which we can compare and analyze the foundations of development of various countries of East and West or North and South.  The Eastern (more aptly Non-Western) countries have greater orientation towards internal and social aspects of development but less to the technical, international and global. This is somewhat reversed to the case of Western countries. -Chapagain 2012

Source: Appreciative Inquiry to Spiritual Wisdom- 2012

For more detail, please see the book "Appreciative Inquiry to Spiritual Wisdom.

2. The Positive-Cum-Spiritual Inquiry Action Cycle

This new action cycle is an advancement of AI primarily based on the principle of generativity and social constructionism. This has gone through several practical applications. This is apt here to address the gaps appeared at the foundation of development. This common good development cycle is easier to apply in the countries with the internal, social and spiritual background. However, this equally works for other communities of West since it is based on the common good values of world renewal.

Positive- cum- Spiritual Inquiry Action Cycle
(Moving from Appreciative to Generative Inquiry for Structural Change)

Source: Chapagain 2012

Dr. Chapagain, the founder of ALDM has shared this action cycle in many different forums, training, workshops and conference. He had presented this as a paper in relation to value education and development in the Convergence of Science and Spirituality for World Renewal, conference (4-8 Sept 2010) organized by Spiritual Applications Research Center, Wing of Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation, and Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya at Academy for a Better World, Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India.

3. The Four ‘E’ Model of Appreciative Leadership

Source: Appreciative Inquiry to Spiritual Wisdom- 2012

This 4-‘E’ (elucidation, envision, encouragement and enlightenment) model of appreciative leadership is an outcome of the series of experiences made by ALDM. This model is found highly functional and inspiring while presenting it in different participants/organizations. Please see the details of it in the book "Appreciative Inquiry to Spiritual Wisdom".

4. The Principle of Spiritual Inquiry

AI is advancing towards common good values and behavior by converging development, science and spiritualism. Universal spiritual values are the foundation of positivity and global good. This principle of spirituality is propounded by C. Chapagain (2008/12) by explaining that an appreciative, peaceful and interdependent global planet is possible only when human being accepts positive- cum- spiritual common good values such as Love, Peace, Truth, Wisdom, Integrity, Justice, Co-existence, Service, Devotion and Pleasure. These values will be nourished further within appreciative environment. Once we focus on common or global good spiritual values, we can change ourselves and others. Common good values unite the whole community and nation and beyond by which development takes place with co-existence and selflessness. See the universal core value below.

5. Ripple Effect of Positive Thoughts and its Relationships

Human being has been recognized by the vitality of his/her thought. If thought’s vibration will be multiplied with dynamic relationships in the society that may yield tremendous power as Einstein proved in which a small (quanta) or a large mass will yield unbelievable power once it will be multiplied with motion. The flat thought cannot produce power as the positive thought does. Once the aliveness of positive thought vibrates with the committed human relationships; it will generate immense power as many scholars, thinkers and spiritual leaders did. ALDM through the book "Appreciative Inquiry to Spiritual Wisdom" has firstly illustrated the vitality of human thought with a logical equation P=TR2. Power does not evolve and devolve from person or positions in a static way but from the vitality of thoughts and relationships. Source: Chapagain 2012

6. The foremost universal core values

Love, Peace, Truth, Wisdom, Integrity, Justice, Co-existence, Service, Devotion, and Contentment will unite us all for global good. These values are equally useful to anyone, anywhere in the world. Peace for me, my country, the USA, India, Belgium, Russia, Iraq, Sudan etc is equally important. This is how the universal values fit to all equally. This process will advance human greatness and save their life from intentional, unintentional, known and unknown anger, greed, suspicion, guilt, hatred, stress, conflict and terrorism. Source: Chapagain 2012

7. Human Value Based Education

Human Value Based Education is a Human Friendly Education in the Periphery of Spiritual Science, Moving from Positive to Spiritual Innovation for the Surrounding Development of Students.  This is the pioneering work of ALDM authored by Dr. Chandi P. Chapagain. (See the detail of it in the coming sections titled "Human Value Based Education "and "Publication/New Books" of this web herewith)

8. Development in 10 to 30 days of time

Developing country especially those who are below poverty line should not blame with each other rather they at least start doing the following function with positive attitude by which they start a feeling of being prosperous in 10 to 30 days of time:

  1. First everyone should build a toilet if they do not have it;
  2. Keep the toilets always clean;
  3. Clean the home and around; 
  4. Clean the road/trail at least in front of the home;
  5. Manage street dog and animals;
  6. Foster interdependency;
  7. Maintain rule of law;
  8. Honor human rights, equity, peace, and discipline;

We can achieve miracle in a short period of time, if followed positive attitude and behavior. In this way, we can keep ourselves alive and productive for 30 days consisting only within 10 days and similarly for 30 years within 10 years of life time. This fact applies for an individual, family and the nation equally.

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