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Evaluation of the Trainer Dr. Chandi Chapagain in ALDV Training (5-8 Aug, 2012) - English Version

Appreciative Leadership and Development Visioning Training

Organized by: Appreciative Learning and Development Management (ALDM) Nepal, (5-8 August 2012)

At the end of the training, the trainer requested the trainees to write about some special and heart touching things on training and trainer as a whole which are presented below.
Things that Touched You

You, an expert of Human Value Based Education
A pioneer of Appreciative Inquiry

I'll remember you whenever it rains or the sun shines
You are the shelter for all in the form of umbrella

You, the one who opens inner power and awakens the world religion
You, the common relative of entire human kind

I met countless of men, sometimes hot and cool for the other
Hot is Dr. Chandi forever

 Kumar Negi, PEACE Nepal

Neither religion nor is the work, aimless appear the circumstances
Neither leader nor is the leadership, corruption veils the circumstances
Corrupt are the workers, "kills people" surrounds the circumstances
Mother Nepal have nothing but tears, these are the circumstances

Go ahead Chandi, we come together with you
We are always with you to build the nation too
Be a good leader, what a pure heart you have!
Spreading the knowledge, let's become action-oriented

Ram Bahadur Ale, OXFAM

Good is the man, good is the heart, so is the work he does
Sufficient is knowledge, so is the training skill
It was mild when begun, came to know as enough later
I can't limit my relation with him only to the training
So effective person he is-
I thought to continue my relation with him forever

Bijay Kumar Shrestha, OXFAM

Chandi, you are one to train well
Man of positive thinking, you are brihaspati
We'd like to become your disciple, ready to spread knowledge
Spreading the light of knowledge, we bring change in village

May your aim blossom and cover the entire hills
May it become bedrock to serve others
Even water flows up if one thinks positively
Even stone melts down if one thinks from the heart
Bishnu Gotame OXFAM

The training remained the best for flowing the positive message. We could not notice how time passed. I loved the way training was delivered energizing and changing the trainer every single day.
"If we look for problems, you will find and create more problems."
Babu Ram Shrestha

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We all must respect Dr. Chandi for he is rich in all the virtues. Godly portion lies in him and I believe him as the skilled facilitator.
Pradip Kumar Mishra, Plan Rautahat
"Chandi, you are simple, gentle and one to speak respecting the others!"
"You are Nepali Shiva Khera. We are proud of you that you are here in Nepal, please give more to Nepal. Thank you for your perfect training / teaching/ sharing".
Hajindra Sapkota, Oxfam

"Frankly, you got a dazzling smile, sometimes even your words were not connecting to me, but your smile at last would make me forget all". 
Vikas Paudel, MIRA Nepal

"I loved the energizer called kanha bata palnubho…"
I found him a man of positive feelings, thinking and behaviors from inner spirit. May you achieve success to move this theory ahead despite any difficulties and hardships.

God bless you.
Rajendra Thapa Magar, World Vision, Butbal

"I felt that Dr. Chapagain is very passionate about teaching us. He is very expressive and gave us excellent examples to analyze the points presented".
Siddhartha Thapa, NIDS

" In fact, I always feel like appreciating my trainer Dr. Chandi Pd. Chapagain's open heart, open presentation  who presents things in a very subtle way. Hope to see you again!

Rajan Kumar Mainali, Plan Rautahat

"Bright countenance, smart personality,
One who inspires spiritual wisdom to be applied in development,
May new thoughts spring up and thrive in him."

"May events of successful leader and personality be gathered, wish you all the best."
Bhawa Raj Regmi, NIDS

"Seeing all the training methods and techniques, it's not difficult to say you a very good trainer, wish you all the best."
Lok Raj Bhatta, FAYA Nepal

"I found you incorporating all different matters in training like science, spirituality, photo gallery etc. Simplicity in style, high priority to time management, equal respect to all, taking family together, proper ending of session with proper subject matter were outstanding. I also found many formulas of love for connecting trainees together."
Shiva Raj Ghimire, Vedic Arogya Ashram

"Trainer like you really matter to the development of organization or nation."
Raghabendra Prasad Sah, Dhanusha

"I liked the way you encouraged, gave equal opportunities to all and used the participatory approach for exposing participants' talents"

"Since encouraging positivity is the main thrust of this training, may it be multiplied as much as possible. The more people know about it, the more it fosters. It must be led forward as a campaign. It is sure to bring changes in individual, organizations and the entire nation."

Bimal Ghimire, WVIN, Sunsari

"Without love there is no knowledge. Envy ends when things are understood from the angle of love and others opinion.  If we can put up our opinions agreeing others' ideas that is team work in real sense. Positive thinking is the success of mankind."
Sunita Shrestha, Samakhusi

"Cheerful nature, one who makes time flow unnoticed,
who reaches the depth of heart,
who, leads to the truth in between the entertainment,
who inspires others, being a crutch for all tired"

"Inquiry and spiritual wisdom may change one's life and the world. This sentence will always be inspiring me."
Prem Prasad Dhital, WVI

"There should be link among science/technology, spiritual thinking and development.
I really loved the story about buffalo and eye".
Kirti Tumbahangphe, MIRA Nepal

"Great many uses of examples, references and modes
Constant cooperation in positive thinking and its practicality
The most entertaining presentation with sweet smile
Simple instruction to build up distant realistic perspectives
I find sometimes use of repeated words in speech
Wonder if you and Mohan Vaidhya exchanged the pattern as this"
Tika Ram B.K., WVI

"Dr. Chandi, your training skills reflect your personality as a positive and appreciative human being. Learning is not only acquired from training but from trainers and in your case, this holds truth. Thank you and wishing you more success in your endeavors to spread the world of appreciative learning and development visioning".
Alina R. Shrestha, World Vision

"To wish for bright future without sacrifice and dedication is foolishness. One cannot have positive thinking unless there is love and affection springing from his heart. I thank you very much for giving me such an opportunity and time to learn and apply things from your life and Appreciative Inquiry.
Ramesh Bhandari, WVI, Doti

"I happened to read a book "Sakaratmak Sodhkhoj" from one of my friends and also learnt Dr. Chandi Prasad Chapagain being the author of this book but had never expected to take training from him. I was surprised enough to have opportunities of taking training from him. We learnt core things. I thank you very much for all these."

Ramesh Prithi, Samari Utthan Sewa

"The first best thing about the training is trainer's spontaneity.
Presentations with abundance of examples were highly effective.
The concept of cross-fertilizing all the best things is also influential.
I found the ideas of deriving the best results from the convergence of every good thing to be rather convincing. Similarly, examples of umbrella and parachutes for encouraging us to open up as to reach the success really touched my heart.
Visnu Prasad Paneru, WVI

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