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Participants' Opinions from DXN Nepal regarding the Trainer during Health and Business Leadership Training through Positive Inquiry Approach (22-24 August, 2010)

After the Training accomplishment, Dr. Chandi Prasad Chapagain asked the participants for their view on the entire training and the trainer itself.  He requested them to give their opinions in both of his personal and professional conduct saying that he had spent 20 long years as a trainer. In so doing, he provided all of them with meta-cards to write their views on.  The participants' views on the trainer Dr. Chapagain are given below:

I found you as a great personality who spreads the light of positivity in the darkness of negativity, who teaches one to change lifestyle, live happy life, and leads the nation in the path of brightness.

Dr. Chapagain, you deserve lots of thanks, appreciations and best wishes.
- Surya Pariyar, SDS

The path finder of success, Dr. Chapagain is a rich man of high personality who behaves everyone equally. He has potentiality to become the most successful person in the world if he continues providing the entire human race with the very selfless philosophy and dreams.   
- Santa Lal Ghising, Star Ruby

Patriot and lover of nature Dr. Chapagain, for me, is a real hero for Positive Thinking.
- Lal Bahadur Mukhiya, Double Diamond

The flower blossoms
Fades the leaf,
The life is short-lived
But Dr. Chapagain's lesson of success never goes away from my memory
Remaining all long lasting

I happened to meet Dr. Chapagain in this training organized by DXN. I cordially thank Surya Dai for giving me this opportunity. The lessons given by Chandi sir are really valuable as man moves by positive thinking. His teaching on health, food habit and yoga as key factors for successful human life are remarkably interesting. Actually he has come here as a source of inspiration as to make us a successful leader.
- Saru Bhusal, Star Diamond

Chandi Chapagain is an expert, studious and wholly devoted in a campaign for social change. He must have struggled hard and might have been suffered. Perhaps he must have visited a lot and gone through many people. Now people have to adopt his experience, suffering and wisdom.
- G.P. Pariyar

I feel pleasure because I got an opportunity to attain this health and business leadership training. I got lots of knowledge and skills about Appreciative Inquiry and positive thinking which are very fruitful in our life. This will be very useful for our future endeavor.
- Uma Ranjitkar, SR

I found his teaching style scientific and broader. The subject matter comes very relevant and justified with appropriate story used as examples. Your nature seems very serene and peaceful. The style looks dynamic. The participants become more accountable if you show your rigid quality when the mass turns a bit uncontrolled.
- Shyam Sunar

A great human being, I have no words to explain him who is positive and laborious too.
- Raju Kamana Dotel

In my view, you are great. Your words are touching. "Simple living high thinking"
- Jamuna Bhujel, SA

For me, to say about him has just become like lighting a candle in a broad daylight. I have seen only the brightness since I attend his class. He has got a tremendous capacity in making people understand about the subject matter at lifestyle, knowledge level, happy life and all with different examples. The nation must recognize/ understand him.
- Kedar Mainali, Jorpati

Dr. Chapagain is a studious, hardworking and pile of knowledge. We came to listen and learn the things in three days which we never did in the three long decades before.  He is very good speaker and successful person. He has got leadership quality. Our country turns into the heaven if everyone has the feeling as he has. Despite his age, he has enthusiasm as a young has.  Based on some chapters written in his Appreciative Inquiry book, he will be a bright star after twenty years in the world. I wish him the best. Be all healthy, busy and happy.
- HK Pokharel, Star Ruby

I learnt the lesson of how one has to close the door of negative thinking.
- Anand Mahat, SD

You have got the things done as Bible reads "Ask and I'll give you. Look for and you'll find. Knock and it'll be opened for you." I thank you for your habits of exploring new things.
- Manju Pariyar, SSD

With all the knowledge you filled in me, my entire life is going to be changed within the coming ten years.
- Ali Mohammad Miya, SA

Teacher is like a candle. You too functioned like a candle. You pulled me closer to those many things from which I was always far away. I thank you.
- Muna Hari Chamling

Through the training given by Dr. Chapagain, I came to discover that quality and resources reside within us. The idea as such always had been point of my disagreement before.  I am convinced now. If those things in us are explored and utilized, we can work for our betterment and the beyond. 
- Shree Laxmi Shrestha, DXN Nepal

I got opportunity to learn many positive things during three days' training. May opportunity as such come again.
- Sushma Kala Rai, ESD in DXN

I have chosen you as my guide for my dream of natural hospital based on Appreciative Inquiry curriculum.
- Mahendra Bahadur Sunuwar, Member

Sir, I am eager to know if those leaders who are supposed to lead the nation take any advices from you or not.
- Bal Bahadur K.C.,SA in DXN

I noticed the supernatural (Godly) power in Dr. Chapagain. I am proud of getting trained by a person who took his Ph.D. in Appreciative Inquiry.  It would be helpful for every citizen if your training is available in lower charge and will be important for nation building. We found you with great skill of training.  We wish to get same training even in the days to come.
- Chandra Bahadur Gurung, Star Agent, Dhading

Our body made of five elements requires the same elements to live. Since this body is not a machine but related to human thinking, it needs positive thinking. I always aspired to be a leader. There was still some portion of negativity left in me. I got Dr. Chandi as an important guru of my life. Extending my gratitude, I wish him to spread his far-sighted vision of positive thinking in every nook and corners of Nepal. And may his positive teachings be helpful for the entire human race to change their life.
- Shyam Bahadur Gurung, ESSD in DXN

He helps those by lighting the lamp who walks in the dark path. He also guides those poor and helpless with the abundance of knowledge on health, happiness and prosperity.
- Renuka Limbu

Dr. Chapagain, with his enchanting skill and styles on positivity successfully presented the ways to correct ourselves which are quite beneficial in our life. May he help all in developing personality in the same way.
- Sanjib Poudel, SA Chitwan

I missed first day's session because of unavoidable reason, but I have been with you for the last two days. I learnt different knowledge about positivity, business and health. Thank God , I got a chance to attend your class.
- Shankar Prasad Regmi, ESSD

Heard but not yet understood. But today I got chance even to take part. May the programs as such be organized in days to come too.
- Prem Pd Chaulagain, SD

Dr. Chandi is a quick learner who always wants to explore the new things through positive attitude. He wants to spread the new and positive thinking thereby giving positive message to all of the Nepalese people through training and his research books.
- Bibek Nepal

Got a domain of human values to stand upon
Took the dosage of knowledge as great leadership quality
As you plant, so will be the fruit
Got the lesson of successful leadership
- Jagat Bikram Ghimire, Sankhuwasabha

Thanks Chandi Prasad Chapagain for tutoring us to remove the internal toxin/garbage from our body/mind as Ganodarma Lucidum does. Thanks once again for your creative mind and world changing knowledge. Have long life Dr. Chandi.
- Keshav Poudel, ESD, Chitwan

I got only good quality in you. I salute you for getting devoted to the nation building. Though many things to write, to use short words, you must have guide many people in right path, haven’t you?  Thank you, I wish you to keep on working in the same field.
- H.B. Tiwari

I really found your facilitation technique attractive. The practical activities and discussion in between the training were refreshing. It would be even much better if you focus more on practicality. Spiritual wisdom caught as theme is really good.
- Nirjaya Kumar Shresth, Member, Palpa

I loved the way you talk. Idea of turning dreams into future reality, style of exposing the hidden things, quality of successful leaders and teaching methods are really practical. May you be successful in making all youth in Nepal good leaders. Every youth needs training as this.
- Rukesh Gurung

I am feeling proud of myself today since I got a chance to learn from a learned, wise and hard working person for three whole days. Despite his higher knowledge, he is simple and has polite words. I found ample of practical knowledge in him.  He seems like an ocean of knowledge. I wish to delve deep into the ocean of knowledge like you.
- Sunita Gurung, SA Lamjung

He is a man of Positivity…I am really happy with him.
- Ram Bahadur Bamjan, Sindhuli

Awesome man he is, Mr. Chandi
May he become ours from today
When for the first time I saw him
I feel like looking only him
Often says let's have a discussion
It makes my heart upheaval
Taught many things in positive thinking
In the very subject, I feel like inquiring
- Surendra Acharya, Palpa

You are the treasure of knowledge indeed. Leading power and Training skill in you are good aspects.
- Tilak Khadka,Star Agent, Palpa

I met Chandi Prasad Chapagain, a man inspired by spiritual wisdom, for the first time in 22 August 2010. In three day's company, for me, he is a man of deeper understanding and sweet talking. We must learn to take knowledge from him. A nation, no doubt, gets well benefitted with his positive vibration if he is given proper space. It is therefore, Dr Chapagain, in my view is a patriot, spiritual thinker, wise presenter and positive vibrator.
- Shree Ram Khanal, SR, Palpa

I got an opportunity to learn many new things from Dr. Chandi Prasad Chapagain. As to change life, we learnt to do yoga, got many new concepts. The lesson I got is- we never get to lose in our life if we move ahead with positive thinking. I liked his dramatic style and cheerfulness very much.
- Sirjana Gurung, Padampur-2, Chitwan

Dr. Chapagain taught about the positive thinking from which I happened to learn many things. He is good speaker and his cheerfulness touched my heart. His practical and questioning style is very meaningful. I hope to learn more important things in future from such training.
- Laxmi KC, Rupandehi

I became very happy to meet you. I got an opportunity to have the training and insights delivered on positivity, business and leadership development, which is very useful and life changing. I hope to learn such useful matters from you in future as well.
- Samjhana Subba Mukhiya, Double Diamond

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