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Global Connection and Interfaith

The present age is the age of expanding human connection and interfaith for global good. Human connection expands positivity, love, trust, global good values and weakens the unrest/terrorism and makes the world more livable.  ALDM is well aware about Global Connection and Interfaith and has a lot of experience on it nationally and internationally. It has been expanding connections through visits, publication and distribution of books, exchanging emails and internets, training delivery, and participation of world conferences. Ten common good values of ALDM as stated earlier are contributing to expand connections globally. AI World Conferences and "Globalization for common Good" conferences are contributing to expand interfaith and human connection. The founder of ALDM had participated "Globalization for common Good" conference held at Melbourne University, Australia in 2008. This conference turned out one of the best means of widening connection. Human Value Based Education is also supporting us to expand global connection and interfaith. Satsang or association with the virtuous is also flourishing global connection. Vedic values are instrumental for personal transformation and expanding world brother/sisterhood hood and interfaiths. Common good energizers also contribute to expand connection and interfaith.

Expanding Interfaith through Energizer

जिजस बुद्ध, जिजस बुद्ध, अल्लाहा
Jesus Buddha, Jesus Buddha, Allah X 2

राम राम राम, राम राम राम, गोपाल
Rama Rama Rama, Rama Rama Rama, Gopala  X 2

हरि हरि हरि, हरि हरि हरि, शंकर
Hari Hari Hari,  Hari Hari  Hari,  Shankar X 2

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