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Human Value Based Education

Human Friendly Education in the Periphery of Spiritual Science, Moving From Positive to Spiritual Innovation for the Surrounding Development of Students

This is the first book of this type published in the country.

This book, Human Value Based Education (2012), focuses on the subject as ethics, morality, culture, nationality, religion, spirituality etc. It is an ointment of value, belief, and philosophy for a wound of immorality. It comprises practical materials about spiritual wisdom, child psychology, Vedic values, co-existence, humanity, and patriotism. The book, as a whole, is a convergence of spirituality and science, the Eastern and Western values and development with reference to different legends, literature, physical science, human psychology, and postmodern realities. It enlivens cultural identity and directs one to morality, spirituality and a wider understanding of soul and supreme souls. This is designed for the secondary and college level students and is also applicable anyone who are interested to study value education aiming to implant spiritual wisdom and global good values. It, therefore, consists of types of education and learning, quality of teachers, students and parents, moral stories, sermons, enlightening quotes, trinity of holistic health and positive inquiry with substantial space for evaluation and practical exercise. According to poet laureate (Rastra Kabi)—Madhav Ghimire, "this book is centered on where the current educational tendency is heading to and where exactly it should."

This Book has centered the Ten Universal Values as Global Good Values:

This book has covered 13 different units considering the realm of Human Values. They are:

Unit One – Historical Background of Education
Unit Two – Religion and Spiritual Wisdom
Unit Three – Convergence of Religion, Science, Education and Development
Unit Four –Values, Human Friendly Education, Enlightening Quotes and Moral Stories
Unit Five –Appreciative / Positive Thinking, Learning and Development 
Unit Six – The Great Souls 
Unit Seven – Nation and Nationality
Unit Eight – Education Psychology
Unit Nine – Post-modern Development and Education
Unit Ten – Status of Education in Nepal
Unit Eleven – Action Cycle Based on Our Own Religion, Culture and Tradition 
Unit Twelve – Field Study and Research Exercise
Unit Thirteen – Evaluation System

This book, Manab Mulyama Adharit Shiksha (Human Value Based Education) (2012), was launched by the famous cultural expert of Nepal—Dr. Satya Mohan Joshi. Dr. Joshi, giving his valuable words, found the book new in terms of its distinct quality. According to him, the book is able to show the challenges of concurrent education systems, and redraws the new boundary thereby suggesting the need of reformation in education system. He sees that the book is able to make the reader traverse the definition of life, where are you, what are you, what is the objective of life. This book is important in conferring the message of spiritual development of culture. Finally he related the value of the book with the famous Sanskrit saying, "Satyam Sibham Sundram".

Cultural Expert Dr. Satya Mohan Joshi a legendry person who has owned the famous prize "Madan Puraskar" three times in his life is releasing the book "Manav Mulyama Adharit Shiksha"

Views of Different Scholar's on the Book Manav Mulyama Adharit Shiksha (Human Value Based Education)

To become a complete human being, we need to acquire knowledge of morality and higher spirituality along with physical science. Moral and spiritual education should be given to the students as per their age and learning capacity. For this, this book is rather useful. It is readable for all the students, teachers, scholars, spiritual thinkers equally. I want to congratulate Dr. Chandi P. Chapagain, the creator of such work.
– Rastra Kavi Madhav Ghimire

The collection of education related ideas of both ancient and modern age along with the prayers, songs, and story has made this book readable. Collection of a number of intellectuals' views, well-timed presentation of eastern philosophy and spirituality make this book rather acceptable. It is really provocative since it presents the context of noble education, humanity, nationality, spirituality and analytical presentation of past memories, present problems and future way out at a time.

I am impressed with Dr. Chapagain in a very short period. His devotion, sadhana and willingness have encouraged me. I am sure, he is on the quest of knowledge with all his devotion. Shraddhawan Lavate Gyanam. His simple, polite and cultured manner has also touched me. The test of intellectuals ultimately lies on politeness and manners. "Jhukchhan Briksha Sadaiba Phool Phalale Bhari Hudamaa Ani"
- Dr. Chinta Mani Yogi, Hindu Bidhya Peeth, Nepal

Today, we are not in need of education alone but Human Value Based Education exerting a pull on man to truth, peace and service. Education centered only on physical development is like our physical body but human value based education is our heart and hence the life power. Without heart and life power, physical body no more functions. It is a matter of pride for us to have such book. Focusing on the very issues and converging spiritual wisdom with positivity and development, Dr. Chapagain, who is the first Nepali to receive PhD in Appreciative Inquiry, has brought this book among us.
- Mahashram Sharma, Director General, Department of Education, Government of Nepal

I got an opportunity to go through Manav Mulyama Adharit Shiksha (Human Value Based Education) written assimilating the demand of time by our intellectual friend Dr. Chandi Chapagain.  I wish him all success and the best for fulfilling demand of the time.
- Gita Rana, Principal, Galaxy Public School and President, NPABSON

I observed and studied the draft of Manav Mulyama Adharit Shiksha very deeply. Subject matters captured by the books are good and praiseworthy. The collection of Suktis from Chanakya Niti, Sukra Niti, Bhartiharika Shatkatraya, Shreemad Bhagawat Gita etc has made this book even more readable, thinkable and thought provoking. It is very useful both for intellectuals and students. Hence, I must thank and bless Dr. Chandi P Chapagain with Ashirashi.
- Dr. Swami Prapannacharya

Having acquired knowledge, as said in Buddhism, Dr. Chapagain attempts to teach the students with spiritual wisdom, messages of peace and progress through Manav Mulyama Adharit Shiksha. We must always be active for enhancing human values and offering the people with the token of prayer, preaching, meditation, good feelings and creations.
- Dr. Anoja, Head Nun, Sulakshan Kirti Bihar

Collecting nectar from thousands of flowers, bees make honey which is hygienic, tasty and healthy. Like honey, I found this book to be new diet of morality and spiritual offering for human brain, attitude and behavior. I hope, the book will be highly useful for all age groups and specially the students. May name and fame of the writer  Dr. Chandi P. Chapagain, the person rich with  deeper contemplation, good thinking, patient, sweet voice and no ego, go wider. May his proximity to the Supreme soul (Paramatma) increase. I wish him all successes.
– Ram Sing Ayer, Brahma Kumari Raj Yoga Sewa Kendra, Kathmandu

If education includes importance and features of culture, human life goes ahead on the path of "Satyam, Shivam Sundaram". For this, we need to identify the elements of value based education along with cultural values, and which brightens and shapes our education system spontaneous. Written on the surroundings of the very issues by Dr. Chandi Prasad Chapagain, Manav Mulyama Adharit Siksha, not to exaggerate, is a piece for overall development of students which enlivens the cultural identity thereby driving them on the way of morality and spirituality.
– Dr. Satya Mohan Joshi, Lalitpur

"Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself" John Dewey

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