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Kusum's Garden of Poetry

Kusum’s Garden of Poetry comprises 100 poems in it to give you pleasure, inspire you and entertain you. Words are not lost in the dust rather they are collected in this book. This book truly is intended to be your companion when you are alone.
“Contains the most entertaining poems ever”

“Feelings and emotions disappears but poetry remains”

-Kusum Chapagain

Kusum Chapagain's debut creation, Kusum's Garden of Poetry (2012) was launched by Bhuwaneswori Rao, principal of DAV School. The poetry is a fresh start of her literary career. It is a collection of one hundred prolific poems touching all aspects of human life. It reflects the feelings and emotions of a young girl of "Cyber-Generation" through profound insight and sonorous rhetoric. For Ramesh Silwal-CEO of Golden Gate, "Her poems are full of life buoyant, and inquisitive….".The poet herself assesses that the collection reflects the burning issues of the present day lives, and exciting memory of her unforgettable past. Releasing the anthology, Bhuwaneswori Rao expressed happiness to see her past school child as an emerging poet of Nepal. She also quoted the famous definition of poetry set by Wordsworth, “Poetry is the recollection of emotions and feelings recollected in tranquility.” She found the presence of virtual reality in the young poet’s writing. Finally she wished best for Kusum's literary journey ending her words.

Important views on the book by the opinion providers

What’s more the poems here demonstrate a deep level of understanding, insight, creativity, and writing skill that puts her in a class by herself. Kusum’s poems encompasses an extraordinary range of themes, from family, love, and feelings to the essence of life, the power of smile and Shakespeare’s memory.  Kusum captures touching images of a retarded man, a village drowned and a broken heart. She captures the best of the past and her dreams for the future.
- Malcolm Odell, PhD

Tears rolled down my eyes to go through her refined and heart rendering poems. How my girl could develop such a fine understanding of life and how she penned her feelings with extreme maturity.
- Ms. Bhubaneswari Rao

This is Kusum's power. It is really substantial for a girl of "Cyber Generation" to contemplate and delve deep into the pond of feelings and emotions. Her poems in this sense erase the public doubt-"Is this generation not being heartless?"
- Rajendra Parajuli

I wonder exactly how I must say something on Kusum's work since the ranges of the themes are so wide that to give a single comment is very very difficult, if not impossible. However, the intention of each and every poem is really vivid and concrete
- Bhesh Raj Pokhrel

Her poems are full of life, buoyant and inquisitive, quite apt for her age. With maturity I hope to see more seriousness in her work, which might make her a world renowned poet someday. Her initiation to introduce herself as a poet in the form of this book has given us a hope that there are many more creations to come which will delight our mind and soothe our heart. To publish a book under her name in such a young age is itself a praiseworthy effort; however this shouldn’t be the end but the beginning of a saga.
- Ramesh Silwal

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